About Heidi

Smile for the Camera

Heidi’s work ethic and philosophy for life is simple– “treat others as you would like to be treated.” She is married to Mike Gagliardi and together they are blessed with two daughters; Giana and Sofia.

Heidi is a people person who has spent her entire working career in sales and customer relations. She has gained valuable knowledge and life experience from all her different forms of work.  Heidi started out serving tables in diners, then went on to selling magazine advertisements, worked in a hospital as a physician liaison and patient experience coordinator, and also sold real estate with her husband.

Heidi is a University of Central Florida graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, specializing in Professional Sales.

Having wanted to start a blog for what seems like for ever, her goal is simple; to share life and connect with others online.  Heidi is also passionate about living your best life NOW!  YOLO!