Kickball at the beach!


Cousins Play at the Beach

Daytona Beach Florida

Take me back to summertime!  This is one of the nights I took my girls and my nephew to the beach close to sunset.  I played a game of kickball with them, in which I quickly learned how out of shape I am in!  The kids and I had a blast and we highly recommend going to the beach in the late afternoons!

Gagliardi Girls YouTube Channel!  Check out my video of all the kick ball activity!

I took the photo above with my Canon DSLR.  I am so happy that I learned how to shoot in manual mode with natural lighting!  If you’re thinking about learning, do not waste anymore time! DO IT!

I will make it easy for you… go to my friend, Ashley Rogers Photography page!  She taught me! It was a quick online class and she interacts with you providing feedback! All you have to do is practice, practice, practice!

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I am still in shock at how awesome our real estate prices are in this area compared to other Florida cities just south of us!  You can snag a two bedroom, two bath, Condo that is located on the beach, for around $200,000!  What that what?  That seriously is a steal!